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  • What are the minimum requirements to qualify?
    As a Salad Station franchisee, we request a minimum of $600,000 net worth.
  • How much money will I make?
    Salad Station Average Unit Volume (AUV) for top third of our locations is $709,510*. While we're not able to make representations about individual success or profit, item 19 of our current FDD provides certain financial information regarding existing Salad Station locations. Fill out the Get Started form to request a copy of our FDD.
  • What does it cost to open a Salad Station?
    A franchise fee of $35,000 with a total initial investment between $200,900 - $542,900*. Get all details on startup costs from item 7 of our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). *Refer to the Franchise Disclosure Document. AUV referred to as AGR in FDD
  • Is financing available?
    Salad Station does not offer direct or indirect financing. We have a vendor partner that we connect franchisee's with (at their request) to help with the process.
  • Can a franchisee own more than one Salad Station?
    Yes! We encourage our franchisees to explore Area Development Agreements in markets they are passionate about growing.
  • How long does it take to open a Salad Station franchise?
    Once awarded a franchise and the site has been selected, it is typically a 12 week build out process.
  • What is the average Salad Station franchise size?
    Approximately 2,000 sq ft (we are exploring a smaller footprint).
  • What kind of support do you provide Salad Station franchisees?
    Franchisees have dedicated operations, marketing, and development support team members who they can reach out to for operating and training matters. Franchisees undergo immersion to the brand, design, construction operations, and real estate upon franchise agreement signing.
  • Do I need prior industry experience?
    No, you don't need food service or restaurant management experience. Salad Station has a simple operational framework, two daypart business model, and has the system and infrastructure to guide every franchisee. We want franchisees that are hard working (balanced with positive attitude), has strong business management skills, is committed to excellent customer service, and has the drive to achieve their own financial future.
  • How many employees do I need?
    Salad Station recommends having a staff of 15-20.
  • How important is community activation to Salad Station
    Our most successful franchisees are those who engage with their communities. They create long standing relationships with community leaders, local schools, sports teams, and charities. Our guests have an affinity for Salad Station and value the bond we've created, building repeat business.

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